cosmetic testing



Quality assurance that protects your private label brand

Orchard has a full-service Quality Assurance department in-house to ensure our clients’ products meet the highest quality levels and comply with regulations. From private label cosmetic products to bags and home accessories, our dedicated and highly experienced professionals take care of the entire Quality Assurance process, including:

  • Orient inspections
  • Order testing criteria
  • Labeling laws
  • Regulations pursuant to the Hazardous Product Act

To ensure every detail of our clients’ private label brands are protected from conception to delivery, our Quality Assurance team works closely with the other departments during the entire development, packaging, and distribution process.

In addition to our in-house team, Orchard has an office in China that employs local Quality Control staff to manage factory sourcing and audits, on-line production inspection, and final production inspection. We also hire third-party companies to perform inspections and testing of consumer products prior to shipping.

Orchard International holds two Health Canada licenses:

  • An Establishment License for distribution and importation of drug products
  • A Site Licence for distribution and importation of drug and NHP products


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