private label cosmetics



What is a turnkey solution for product development?

The word ‘turnkey’ at Orchard means that we take care of our client at every stage of product development – from concept to distribution and everything in between. Specializing in private label cosmetics, skincare, beauty products, and accessories, our team of experts follow an integrated and proven process that includes Innovative Product Development & DesignProduct FormulationProduction & Quality AssurancePackaging & AssemblyDistribution & Logistics

Speed to Market

Orchard is skilled at streamlining resources and creating synergies between various departments. This enables us to offer reduced lead times and faster speed to market timelines for product development, contract manufacturing, packaging design, and product distribution. In addition, we have a range of hand-picked and ready-to-go products from around the world, offering our clients even more efficiency in developing a private label cosmetics brand. 


With a team of experts available from conception to distribution, Orchard’s turnkey solutions truly make us a one stop shop for our clients. Our strong global network of suppliers, packaging and cosmetic manufacturers, and product development laboratories make it easy and convenient for our clients to get quality products to market at any price point. 


After nearly two decades of experience, Orchard has a keen knowledge of how to make private label cosmetics and beauty products faster and cheaper. In addition to offering competitive rates, we can also reduce overall expenses in other ways. Our office in China and in-house production and distribution facility help our clients save money on travel, inventory management, production equipment, and overhead.