INNOVATION: Silicone Gel Blending Sponges

Have you heard what’s all the rage? Wasting product is now history thanks to silicone gel blending sponges. These unique silicone gel sponges spread product evenly all-over the face without soaking up any foundation. Compared to using a brush or sponge, only half the normal amount of foundation is used, ultimately making your favorite products last longer. This is the perfect mess reducing tool for those who prefer spreading their foundation with their fingers.

Silicone sponges can be used to apply and spread foundation, BB/CC creams and other formulas over the skin, spreading until the face is coated evenly and absorbed. For thick foundations that are tougher to blend, pair the silicone sponge with a blending sponge or foundation blending brush to effortlessly smooth and finish the foundation.

The texture of the sponge is unlike any other. The gel silicone is protected by a layer of TPU, making it soft to the touch and giving a silky smooth and flawless finish to the skin.


The silicone sponge was originally a simple oval shape with clear gel and outer layer. Now, the possibilities are endless! The silicone sponge can be made round, in a teardrop shape, thin or thick, virtually in any fun 2D shape. Colours range from glitter injected gel, coloured gel, a fun print on the bottom layer, a logo, and even a matte coloured outer TPU layer.

With effortless clean up, the sponge requires only warm water and a mild soap and can be left to dry in a dry, cool area. For make-up artists, it can be cleaned between clients and models with a makeup remover or sanitizing spray.

So, what’s next? Newer, innovative 3D versions are starting to pop-up on Kickstarter and Indie GoGo, made with super high-quality and textured silicone materials in unique shapes with finger grip indents. Our design team is working tirelessly on developing next generation silicone blender sponges, so stay tuned!

Topic: Innovation

Posted 24 April 2017, 4:52PM

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