WE PUT THE CLIENT FIRST. Everything we do is driven by what’s right for our client – from the vendors we suggest to the strategy we pursue. When our client’s brands succeed, we succeed.

WE HAVE THAT PERSONAL TOUCH. Our brand is so much more than our deliverables, what makes Orchard truly different is our people. We’re not only the best at what we do – we’re the best at HOW we do it. Personal. Thoughtful. Curated.

WE ARE ALWAYS INNOVATING. We have a passion for beauty and design and constantly look for new and fresh ideas, products, and approaches.

WE’RE NEVER COMPLACENT. We know that great is just a starting point to something even more surprising, exciting, and wonderful.

WE’RE RESOURCEFUL. No is never our first response – if we don’t know how to get something done, we take the time to research, ask questions, and discover solutions and alternative options.

WE KNOW IT TAKES A VILLAGE. We believe in social responsibility. We pay it forward and give it back.

WE DO MORE WITH LESS. We thrive on discovering efficiencies and lower costs, to help build a better, stronger business for our future.

WE ARE ENTREPRENEURIAL. We are self starters, with energy skill and savvy. We don’t stand back and wait to be told what to do – we step forward and help to figure it out.

WE LOOK TO THE FUTURE. We’ve proven our ability to attract top level employees, clients, and work with the best in the industry. We carry that forward as we look to expand, grow, and increase our presence around the world and in consumer’s homes.

WE DON’T TAKE OURSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. At the end of the day, we realize we are so lucky to do what we do – create beautiful things. We work hard, we laugh harder.

WE BELIEVE RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVERYTHING. We value our team, customers, and vendor partners. We build bonds through mutual respect. We are honest and authentic.